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2-18-25 Hakata Ekimae,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
812-0011, Japan
TEL 81-92-482-1111
FAX 81-92-482-1127

Check-In 14:00 / Check-Out 12:00
Number of Guest rooms : 360
Main building : 14 floors plus 3
basement levels / Annex : 3floor plus 2
basement levels
Diners etc.


Privacy Policy

In view of the critical importance of information security and the protection of personal information for today's advanced information- and telecommunications-oriented society, Hotel Nikko Fukuoka ("the Hotel") strives to manage and protect information in its possession in an appropriate manner and in accordance with applicable JAL Group policies.


1. Legal compliance

The Hotel complies with all applicable laws and other standards of conduct.


2. Establishment of a management system

The Hotel has established an internal management system with a clear division of roles and responsibilities.

3. Compliance with internal policies, rules, and guidelines

The Hotel develops and complies with internal policies, rules, and guidelines.

4. Appropriate collection of information

When soliciting personal information, the Hotel complies with all applicable laws, standards of conduct, and internal rules to ensure that appropriate methods are used and procedures followed.

5. Limitations on use of information

Except when the individual in question has consented or when permitted by law, the Hotel does not use or provide information other than to achieve the stated purpose for which the information was collected.

6. Safety measures

The Hotel undertakes safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information as well as its loss, destruction, alteration, or unintentional disclosure. It also takes corrective action as necessary.

7. Educational and awareness-raising activities

In addition to helping employees master information management skills and increase their awareness of related issues through a program of educational and awareness-raising activities, the Hotel works aggressively to ensure that information is managed appropriately across all phases of its operations.

8. Partnerships with outside contractors

When outsourcing operations involving information management to outside contractors, the Hotel selects vendors with sufficient levels of experience and ability, imposes contractual rules requiring confidentiality, and elicits guarantees that personal information will be managed in an appropriate manner.

9. Improvement of operations

The Hotel periodically verifies that information is being managed appropriately and undertakes initiatives to improve its operations on an ongoing basis.

10. Response to incidents involving personal information

In the event of an incident involving personal information, the Hotel will work to minimize damage while disclosing relevant information in a timely manner and taking preventive and other measures as appropriate.

11. Identification of contact information

The Hotel has established a point of contact for customer inquiries, complaints, and requests, which it works to resolve quickly and in a spirit of good faith.

12. Disclosure of policies

The Hotel publicizes its policies concerning information security and the protection of personal information, including this Privacy Policy, on its website and by other means.


Whenever this policy is changed, a notification is posted on the Hotel's website. Be sure to check the site from time to time for the latest information.