By car

Please note that the expressway exit will differ depending on your direction of travel.

Approaching from the Kitakyushu Side

Exit the expressway via the Gofukumachi exit ramp, and proceed straight ahead along Showa dori. Turn left at Kuramoto intersection and proceed straight ahead along Taihaku-dori. Turn right at the Hakata Ward Office Entranceway intersection, and then take the first left and proceed straight ahead again.

Approaching from the Dazaifu Side

Exit the expressway via the Chiyo exit ramp, then turn left at the Chiyo 2-chome intersection, proceed along National Highway 202, and turn left at Gofukumachi intersection. Turn right at the Hakata Ward Office Entranceway intersection, take the first left, and proceed straight ahead.

Parking and Taxis

Hotel Nikko Fukuoka has an underground parking lot on levels B1–B3 capable of holding up to 117 cars.

Please contact us in advance if you wish to reserve a barrier-free parking space. Please understand that the parking lot becomes extremely crowded on weekends and holidays, and during these times finding a parking space can be time-consuming or even impossible.

Parking Fees

General use
¥400 for the first hour, and ¥200 for every 30 minutes thereafter
Guest Parking
¥1,500 per car per night
Free for 30 minutes


How to Reach the Parking Lot

  • Route 1 | Hakata Station Approach
  • Route 2 | Chiyo/Gofukumachi Approach
1 route
Turn left off Taihaku-dori and enter porte-cochére at the far end of the front of the Hotel.
The porte-cochére is a one-way passage.
★ Please use this route if you wish to use the porte-cochére to drop off guests or luggage.
2 routes
There is no traffic light at the intersection in front of the hotel. Please turn right at the Hakata Ward Office Entranceway intersection and enter the hotel via the rear entry/exit.
★ Please proceed straight to the underground parking lot when entering via this entrance.
* To use the porte-cochére, go around to the Taihaku-dori side and use the hotel’s front entrance.

Fukuoka-Kitakyushu Expressway HP

This website offers information about traffic, routes, tolls, roadworks, travel times and distances, Fukuoka ETC, and driving tips for people using the urban expressway. Traffic congestion and any access control can be found here for 24 hours.

Fukuoka-Kitakyushu Expressway

Videos are available to guide users through junctions, the interchange with the Kyushu Expressway, right-side exit ramps, and other difficult-to-navigate stretches of the expressway.

Notes on Parking

Wheelchairs and Baby Carriages
A wheelchair ramp is provided at the elevator entrance on level B1.
We ask that guests with a wheelchair or baby carriage use a parking space on level B1.
Electric Vehicles
Charging stations for electric vehicles are available on level B1.
Type: Standard charger Number of Outlets: 2
Dimensional Restrictions for Parked Vehicles
Vehicles may not be more than 2.1 m high, 4.9 m long, 2.3 m wide, and may not weigh more than 2 t.
(Vehicles exceeding these restrictions will be guided to a paid parking lot nearby.)

* Although vehicles are kept under observation by surveillance cameras and security guards, we ask that guests do not leave valuables in their cars unattended. * The entries and exits are shuttered between 24:00 and 06:00 for security. Please use the intercom to enter or exit the parking lot during this period.



Dining Complimentary Parking Time
Tea and Cocktail Lounge (1F) 1 hour
Vol de Nuit (1F) 2 hours
"Benkay" Japanese food (the 2nd floor) Lunch: 2 Hours | Dinner: 3 Hours
"Kohro" Chinese Cuisine (the 2nd floor) Lunch: 2 Hours | Dinner: 3 Hours
"Les Célébrités" Theme Restaurant (the 2nd floor) Lunch: 2 Hours | Dinner: 3 Hours
"Icho" Teppanyaki (the 2nd floor) Lunch: 2 Hours | Dinner: 3 Hours
"Ginmeisui Hakata" sushi (the 2nd floor) Lunch: 2 Hours | Dinner: 3 Hours
"Serena" Café Restaurant (the 2nd floor) Café: 1 Hour | Dinner: 2 Hours

Banquets & Weddings

Meetings Complimentary Parking Time
Standard Banquet Payment required
Catered Event 3 hours

* Please ask staff for details as the length of the complimentary parking time will vary depending on the type of event.

Wedding Ceremony Complimentary Parking Time
Attendees 5 hours
Relatives 5 hours


Facilities Complimentary Parking Time
Fitness Club It's free for 5 hours.
White Avenue * Please ask staff for details as the length of the complementary parking time will vary depending on at which shop a purchase was made.

Parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please understand that reservations are not accepted.
* Please understand that on some occasions the parking lot is entirely occupied, with no space available. On such occasions visitors will be guided to a parking lot nearby. (The parking fee will be borne by the visitor.)
* As parking tickets must be processed by machine, please present your parking ticket to the attendant.
The parking ticket machine does not accept ¥5,000 and ¥10,000 notes, however, money can be changed at reception on 1F.

TaxiThe guide who is so

Taxis (jumbo, black, etc.) can be ordered for touring or business.